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Status: REJECTED (Joined another guild)
Submitted on: Oct 17, 2019 at 10:33 PM

About your character

Male or Female?


Race and Class
Human Paladin




Short Piece of writing

Tell us about your character

Dandre is humble paladin, he was grown and trained in the Northshire Abbey, and now thrown to the world of danger, seeking fortune in battles against the evil. He is capable knight, mastering art of two-handed swords and also he dabbles in arcane arts: restoration and especially enchanting.

About you

Name? (optional)

Andrei (Andy, Andrew).

Age? (optional)


Where do you come from? (optional)


What are your Hobbies/Interests?

Vocals recording, music writing, spiritual development, spiritual practices and everything that refers to it.

What is your average online time? Around what time are you frequently online or do you typically play?

From 8:00 till 23:00.

Experience with WoW

How long have you played wow?

Not much.

What do you know of Warcraft lore?

Just a bit.

Do you have roleplaying experience?


The Guild

How did you hear of us?

I have met two strangers, husband and wife, if I get it right. We had a conversation about their order. They've directed me to write a message to Lady Ceanna.

Do you know anyone in the guild?

Yes, but I don't remember the names.

What can you contribute with in the guild?

I would be an active member of the order, always eager to help those who in need. I am ready to follow orders, praise the light in the name of divines, and keep the safety of my beloved Azeroth. Divines be praised!

I have read and accepted both the IC & OOC Code of conducts


Looks good to me. I have arranged to meet him in game on the 18/10/2019 to carry out an interview. See you there.
Applicant has decided to found his own RP guild. Application has been closed and we look forward to seeing around in the future.
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