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Submitted on: Oct 15, 2019 at 11:17 PM

About your character

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Race and Class
Dwarf Priest



Ironforge - Forlorn Cavern

Short Piece of writing

Tell us about your character

Being raised in poverty turned him into a criminal. Living with a lust for gold turned him into a soldier... and finally, living with the weight of wars past on his mind turned him into a priest... It wasn't always that Valdand Fireblood strived to be a good person. What exact part of going to war changed him even he cannot say. All he knows is that after all the things he saw, he made a final decision to do his best to cleanse as much suffering from the world as he can, as opposed to bringing about more of it. He is also unsure what part of the war, or perhaps his previous occupation as a criminal, left him cursed. Indescribable nightmares and diembodied whispers of only the most terrible things haunt him each and every night and day. To seclude himself in a dark room with the intention of simply resting his eyes has become a daunting task for the young dwarf. This curse, whatever it is, manifests itself in the battles he now wages in his quest to aid the people of Azeroth. Though he may be cursed with the power to flay the minds of his enemies and wrack their bodies with unimaginable pain, his faith in the Light keeps him from falling victim to the seductive call of whatever evil germinates inside of him. Though he may be tainted by the Shadow, he is a priest of the Light at heart. At his core, he feels a light just waiting to shine through the darkness that writhes within him. He will find a way to break this curse. He will be a true priest of the Light. This he knows. For if he doesn't, he will perish trying.

About you

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What are your Hobbies/Interests?

Video games (mostly Classic these days), D&D every now and again and as much Heavy Metal music in that mix as possible. I'm no stranger to the small get-together with friends either. ("party", if we have to use that word) The usual things you could expect from a university student with a good bit of free time...

What is your average online time? Around what time are you frequently online or do you typically play?

During the weekdays I'm usually on around 18:00 EEST. Weekends a little later, if at all. Around 21:00 EEST.

Experience with WoW

How long have you played wow?

About two months now.

What do you know of Warcraft lore?

Primarily I know the main lore bits about the two "main" factions, Alliance and Horde, as well as facts about their individual races. More of some than others, of course. I know most of what stories the three Warcraft games tell, as well as the main archs of Classic through WoTLK.

Do you have roleplaying experience?

At this point I feel I've gotten comfortable enough with roleplaying in Classic after the two months of experience with it. I have improvements to make, but I'm not at the bottom. Other than that my experience mostly comes from a few years of D&D, which I think has been very helpful.

The Guild

How did you hear of us?

I met two of your members and had the pleasure of doing some spontaneous roleplay with them. Right after a bout of WPVP at their side as well.

Do you know anyone in the guild?

Yes, the two mentioned above. Ceanna and Elpriesto.

What can you contribute with in the guild?

Hopefully an interesting character to roleplay with. Both in and out of character I try to help my fellow players as much as I can. Chances are if at least one other person in my dungeon group needs an item that I -could- use but don't -desperately- need, they're getting it. I hope to be another source of resources and whatever other aid is needed for the guild, among other things.

I have read and accepted both the IC & OOC Code of conducts


Due to the applicants "curse" we have put this application on hold. Should the light find a way to heal this valiant alliance soldier, then we shall welcome him with open arms.
Valdand has managed to free himself of the curse that tormented his body and dreams. We have met and discussed the situation at length in game and he is now one of us. Praise the light!
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