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IC Code of conduct

The In Character code of conduct relates to what our characters expect of your character. It should not dictate how to roleplay your character completely, but if your character does not satisfy these basic requirements, then they may be disciplined or removed from the order.

  1. Live for Honour and Glory, upholding the Laws of the Kingdom at all times and following the Three Virtues of the Light - Respect, Tenacity and Compassion.
  2. Always address a superior ranked Disciple, or those of another Order, appropriately (Sir/Sire, My Lord/Liege).
  3. Never openly question orders given to you by your superiors. Carry them out with conviction and vigour, but only speak with them afterwards and in private if need be.
  4. Learn the Laws of Stormwind that have been set forth by the King, so that as a Disciple you may assist whenever needed.
  5. Think before speaking, for once words are spoken you are bound by those words.
  6. Always show respect and a compassionate touch for women, children and animals.
  7. Never strike down a non-hostile civilian or non-hostile civilian of the Horde.
  8. During times of war and conflict, always accept an enemies' surrender without striking them down.
  9. Never consume alcohol while on duty.
  10. Always treat prisoners and captives humanely. Never torture or beat them for no reason, excluding self-defence. Offer them food, water and bedding.
  11. Always be there to help defend the Alliance lands, help the citizens, those in need, and your fellow Disciples.
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OOC Code of Conduct

The Out of Character code of conduct applies in an effort in trying to create a fun and social atmosphere, not only for the guild, but for the RP community as a whole.

  1. The Disciples of Light are an RP-PvP Guild on an RP-PvP server, therefore you are expected to roleplay your character to the best of your abilities and respect the RP policies of the realm at all times. This means NO OOC CHAT in /say, /yell or /e, and do not use smileys like ;) in any of those channels either. During RP events a party or raid group is usually set up for those involved which can be used for any OOC communication.
  2. Do not 'god emote'. This means that when emoting against another player, you must give that other person the opportunity to respond. For example - your character is arresting another player, and you want to knock him/her out with your weapon. You do NOT write /e hits John over the head with his mace. The correct way to emote this is by writing /e attempts to hit John over the head with his mace. The use of words like "attempts to" or "tries to" are always needed to give the player a chance to respond, unless something has been agreed beforehand OOC'ly between you both.
  3. Do not 'power emote'. This means using unrealistic powers that are far beyond the style of the game and lore. Do NOT use powers such as "/e jumps up to dodge the blade swing, then lands on top of the blade and runs up on it, to try to stab Bob in the eye." Do NOT use weapons such as bazookas. The Light and our military training delivers us enough powers as it is.
  4. Turning your PvP ON is MANDATORY as a member of The Disciples of Light. To do this, simply type /pvp while in-game. This means that when you are in an Alliance Cty such as Stormwind, any Horde in the area WIL be able to attack you. This enhances the realism of the roleplay for everyone. If you don't like the fact that a Horde Rogue could come out of the shadows and stab you in the back in your own City, then you should not have created a chracter on this server!
  5. Although not mandatory, it is recommened that you download a Roleplay Addon for the game. An example of this is TRP3. Such addons give you the opportunity to give your character a surname, title, and a description (e.g - scars, tattoos, jewellery, accent, smell), which other users of the addon can see (A very large amount of role-players use this addon, so it is also a good tool to see what other players are definitely active role-players). One tip is to remember not to write anything other people you have just met would not know about you - for example, "Billy is 27 years old and was born in Ashenvale..."
  6. Please inform an officer of the Guild if you are going to be offline for more than a month (e.g - going on holiday, taking a break from WoW).
  7. PvP - As an RP-PvP Guild, we encourage PvP in all areas of the game, but there ARE certain rules to abide by. Corpse Camping is NOT tolerated, and any such behaviour will be punishable by either a warning or removal from the Guild. Killing of low levels is permitted - remember, in the roleplay situation of the RP-PvP server, your character would not see a level floating above another person's head! Of course, you may see the other person appears weaker than you (poor armor etc.), and whether or not you kill that person depends on how your character would act.
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