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The races and classes of the Disciples of Light
As rigid as our code of conduct, so do we have a restrictive list of classes and races that we permit in our ranks. Exceptions are unlikely to be made... ever. The Disciples of Light are an order of the Light that does not content with fighting in the Church's name, but aims to be a symbol of the Light in all its glory and grace. As such, only races and classes that follow our ways can be permitted.

The Disciples of Light find most of their recruits among the citizens of the human nations. There is no discrimination between war veterans, clerics or young soldiers eager to join their ranks. All who join the ranks of this order are given a path of ascension to a devout Knight.
Permitted classes : Paladin, Priest, Warrior, Rogue and Mage

The befriended nations and long term allies of the human cities are well respected among the Disciples of Light. Their unparalleled skill with ranged weapons and axes have proven valuable in many battles... But not all Dwarves resolve to such arms. Some wield the symbolic hammers of the Paladins or staves of the Priests. However, as of late, many Dwarves have found a new faith: that of their ancestors and Titans above the Light. While the Disciple of Light still welcomes followers of the Titans as allies, only those who devote themselves to the Light and its Virtues as taught by the Church of the Light are welcomed as Brothers.
Permitted classes : Paladin, Priest, Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Hunter

The Kaldorei are seen as valuable allies of the Alliance, and therefor the Disciples of Light. The Elves are as valuable as they are unique.. and so is their religion. We respect their unique religion and ways of life. We acknowledge that their ways are too different to fit within our order, but we will work and fight alongside as equals.
Permitted classes: None

With intelligence beyond compare, Gnomes are a valuable addition to the alliance. Their quick thinking and ingenious inventions have helped the Alliance far. Unfortunately it is a very occasion when a gnome shows the same level of devout worship to the light as Humans and Dwarves. Most light wielding gnomes do so with a pragmatic approach, seeing it as an effective form of healing. There are some exceptions however and these will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
Permitted classes: Special Exceptions (Never warlocks)
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