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The Disciples of Light offers a simple structure that divides its members in four groups:

  1. Officers - with ranks Chaplain, Knight-Captain and Knight in descending order for the chain of command.
  2. Members - with ranks Squire, Scribe and Retainer.
  3. Trainees - with ranks Neophyte and Initiate.
  4. Lay members


High Chaplain : The High Chaplain is the head of the order. A teacher and field commander of the Disciples operations within and out with the Kingdom of Stormwind. Responsible for guiding the order down a righteous path and achieve their primary goal of making the world a better, safer place for all.
Current : Lady Ceanna Pureheart

Chaplain : The Chaplains are second in comand to the High Chaplain responsible for assisting them in the running of the order. Helping recruit and train new members to the order. They also assign tasks and lead investigations into matters that concern our order. As the most trusted members of the order, the High Chaplain looks to the Chaplains for advice and guidance.
Current : Ethilian Thornwright & Anita Goldsmith
Knight-Captain : The Knight-Captains assist the Chaplains in the day-to-day running the order, including recruitment, training and leading Disciples in the field.
Current : Sir Borivar Bouden & Sir Vardrek Ironhammer
Knight : Knighthood is a title reserved for those Disciples who have gone above and beyond to prove their Valour, Courage, Strength, Wisdom and Ability to lead. They can support the leadership by leading missions and training sessions.

These three ranks stand as equals but represent the different branches the orders members follow. Disciples are promoted to one of these three ranks after proving their understanding of the Holy Light.

Squire : A squire is a Disciple who excels in battle situations. They serve as the orders frontline in battle. Tasked with protecting their lesser battle skilled brothers and sisters from threats that they can endure. They can be seen as the orders military branch.
Scribe : A scribe is a Disciple who has chosen mind over matter. These Disciples are the scholarly types of the order such as (but not confined to) Magi and Priests who dedicate their minds towards furthering the orders cause be it through academic knowledge, healing or spiritual guidance.
Retainers : Retainers are the Disciples of the order who do not quite fit the purpose of squires and scribes but are nonetheless valued and devoted members of the order. Some wish to serve the order as quartermasters, suppliers, scouts, cooks and even smiths. All of these are valued skills that are essential to the orders running.


Initiate : A Neophyte who has proven their worth and understanding of the order will be granted a Tabard bearing the Disciples of Lights coat of arms. They will be tasked with furthering their understanding of the Holy Light and it's virtues. They are also expected to ensure that the newest Neophytes to the order understand the code and follow it.
Neophyte : New members of the Order are welcomed in the rank of Neophyte. Their duty is to learn the origins and principles of the Order, its code, its beliefs and structure. When their knowledge of the Order and its origins is proven adequate they may sit a test to prove their worth to bear the Disciples Coat of arms.

__________Lay Members__________

Lay Members are not actual members of the order Icly. This rank is mostly used for alts of members but also to accommodate friends of the order with nowhere else to go, provided their race and rank match our roster permits. Anyone Roleplaying as a Lay member rank in the order must be sure to make it clear they are not an in character member. This can be most effectively done with notes in roleplay addons.
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